How to subscribe 4G service in NT SIM?

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Marking the beginning of New Year 2017, Nepal Telecom launched the much-awaited 4G service for the first time in the country. Amidst a special program, Minister for Information and Communication unveiled NT 4G logo. Now, customers can enjoy high-quality 4G data service. To subscribe NT 4G service, NT customers require universal post-paid SIM and 4G compatible handsets. If you don’t have U-SIM, you can exchange them visiting NT offices.

Steps to subscribe NT 4G service

-You can activate 4G service dialing *444#

-After a while, you will get an SMS from NT stating 4G service has been activated

-And insert ntnet as access point

Nepal Telecom has also offered a 4GB promotional package for free with a validity of four days which has to be used on a basis of one GB per day. This promotional package will be available for one month and can only be subscribed once. NT customers can use 4G data service with the speed of 32.4 mbps. At present, 4G service is available in Kathmandu and Pokhara only. NT has promised to expand it to other cities gradually.

Once this 4BG data pack expires, users can subscribe to currently data packages available to post-paid users. If users don’t buy a new pack they will be charged at Rs. one per MB.

Meanwhile, NT prepaid users have to wait another month to enjoy faster 4G data service. 4G is also not available on Apple devices for the time being as Apple is yet to enable its devices to connect with NT 4G network.

Publish Date : July 9th, 2021

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