5 things to do during your summer holidays

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1) Internship/volunteer

After having finished school, why would you want to do more work? A job’s worth is easy to underestimate so during the summer, if there’s really nothing else to do, work experience would highly benefit you. It could be in any sector of your interest whether you’re into science, journalism or law, you could find a flexible internship that could enhance your skills, give you something to do and look great on a college application. If not, perhaps find a cause you’re passionate about and volunteer there, eg. animal shelters, hospitals, rehab centers etc.

2) Learn a new instrument or language

Maybe learning a new skill that isn’t related to studies would be of interest. Learning a new instrument is a great way to invest time as it can be of comfort and entertainment in the future. The whole purpose of trying out something new that’s unrelated to school could be fulfiled. The instrument chosen can vary depending on personal interests, for example, if the common guitar and piano don’t appeal much, perhaps the saxophone or flute will. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new instrument,  just learning a new skill from scratch like learning a new language which may be helpful in the future and also look impressive on a college application.

3) Take up a new hobby 

There are so many activities and skills to learn beyond those seen within school borders. There are various areas around the city where fun new things can be done, individually or with a group of friends. Take yourself out of your comfort zone by setting a goal or challenge. Try pottery, cooking, sewing, painting/drawing, archery, horse riding, dancing, reading, fixing a Rubix cube, public speaking, self-defence.

4) New Pet

Getting a new pet is time-consuming as it’s almost like having a new family member in the house. It takes a lot of dedication to raise an animal and having an animal settle in is probably the hardest part of the entire process, therefore, might be of a fun distraction to have during the summer. In the case where adopting may not be an option, volunteering at an animal shelter or daycare might be ideal.

5) Visit new places and plan trips around the city with your friends

Set up an itinerary for various places around the city to try local cuisine and shop for thrift clothes. Maybe see how many activities you can do in a day. Some ideas of activities may include visiting art exhibitions, live bands, going to the zoo, walking down streets you’ve never been to before, watching a movie and so forth.

Publish Date : July 25th, 2021

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