Lived experience : Being a covid patient

Swastika Aryal 

Health officials says 80% of covid-19 cases will be mild to moderate. But what does that look like?
Firstly, tiredness was experienced by my mother, but we didn’t care it too much. We tried hot water bag and oil massage for remedies. Me, sister and father also started feeling the mild symptoms gradually.
Around first may, my father went to hospital for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Test and unfortunately, it showed positive at evening. Remaining we 3 were sure that all of us were infected which came true next day. We have heard that some patients with covid-19 have mild symptoms and some are asymptomatic at first.

As a audience, watching news, seeing moderate flu-like symptoms including mild fever, but when experiencing it makes us so weak that one doesn’t have courage to drive himself/herself to a hospital. ICU´s and ventilators are fulled with covid-19 patients was in online news. My anxiety and level of depression were really high at that time seeing father, mother and sister lying at one- one bed experiencing severe headache and joints pain .Extremely high temperature and joints pain makes me feel like the body is getting paralyzed and it will not vanished later too. There is no any taste and smell of food. The rate of the infected one is increasing alarmingly with death rate too. Due to the fear of death, in every 2/3 hours we were measuring blood oxygen level with pulse oximeter. Luckily, till now we are not having the problem in breathing.

I felt full set of symptoms aligning with covid-19. I had a headache behind my eyes to the point that I couldn’t move or open the eyes. High fever, night sweats, body aches, joints pain, diarrhea, tiredness, the fatigue, severe headache, change of taste, vomiting, chain cough hits me so badly.

We have to be in quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading. People are scared to send the children for playing in the colony, but neighbors are all supportive. The Ayurvedic medicines provided by well wishers was great. Continuous phone calls, concerns by relatives, care by neighbors helps much in growing the level of confidence.

Everything that is in the media is important, wash your hands regularly, use sanitizer and disinfectants wherever you can, do not compromise with hygiene. Don´t look or judge people on the fact they have or have had the virus as it is something out of their control. This can catch anyone at anytime so be careful with your hygiene.

The biggest and hardest symptoms of covid-19 is the depression, anxiety and mental state issues that I encountered going through all of this. That´s why find something in your life that can aid in your life that can aid in your mental health. Patient satisfaction is an indicator of healthcare quality service involved as an outcome measure. Quality of healthcare service and patients satisfaction can affect among chronic patients of covid-19 pandemic.

So, I just finished my tenth day. I am starting to feel a bit better. Hope that we all will be conquering this covid-19 soon.

Publish Date : May 11th, 2021

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