Lockdown: Days feel like years

By Manoj Regmi
It was something unbelievable when we were told to remain indoors for months. The world came crashing down before us, and we started wondering what to do next. We starts our life with lots of ambitious and passions. But over a period of time our daily routine has been changed. We tend to forget things that were dear to us once upon a time. We stop eating foods in actual schedule. We stop reading academic courses practically and submitting assignments. We stop visiting friends and relatives. We stop buying nice things for us, stop putting an effort how we look in front of the mirror. We stop taking care of ourselves like we used to do in the past. We also stop sleeping in the nights. we stop socializing. Our emotional intimacy and physical attachment with people, family and friends has been totally stop.

We stop everything these days. Sitting in our room all day, watching series and Netflix become unlimited. We just can’t stay without using social media. Days feel like years. And we can’t do it for much longer. We are tired of holidays. Of course, we are still so worried about what will happen when lockdown does come to a complete end and we are thrown back into society.

There is, however, one big challenge ahead for us who are suffering of social anxiety: the inevitable return to normality. Being jailed at home has meant we haven’t had to worry about going out and visiting people. Despite lockdown taking away these pressures temporarily, the fear of having to eventually return to normality looms in the distance. The thought of having to bounce back to normal days is always at the back of everyone’s mind. Although we can’t wait to go back to socialize once again with people that we haven’t seen in a long time, as well as meet many new faces.

I think we all deserve to be kind to ourselves, and for some people that might involve a gradual return to normality. Don’t force yourself to have to start again immediately – it’s very acceptable to take time to readjust. If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that kindness and compassion are what makes us human.

Lastly, too much thanks for the new technology that allows us to communicate instantly with each other, it is possible to remain well-informed and on top of the situation. We can help each other with money, medical aid and other resources. Even the poor and unfortunate, left stranded when public transport was suspended, can make their dangerous visible thanks to intrepid reporters and social media with the ensuing outcry forcing the government to act.


Publish Date : June 11th, 2021

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